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With more than a quarter of Costa Rica covered in rainforests, one of the best ways to explore these truly magical and enchanting realms is via a canopy tour.


This is a fantastic way to explore a truly unique habitat like the rainforests without disturbing the wildlife or endangering the trees themselves, canopy tours have become the ideal way to get a bird’s eye view of the forest below.

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  • Guanacaste Potrero Grande: "OlliesPoint" is an exposed point/Rivermouth break that has consistent surf

  • Playa Naranjo: This hollow beachbreak faces a huge rock called Roca Bruja meaning Witches Rock

  • Playa Grande: Very consistent beach break north of Tamarindo.

  • Tamarindo: Good beach break, excellent base for surfing nearby beaches.

  • Playa Langosta: River mouth break south of Tamarindo.

  • Avellanas: Very good beach break further to the south.

  • Playa Negra: Right point break further to the south.

  • Nosara: Several beach breaks.

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